Nearing Completion

I have now put together all my footage that will make up my complete film. I am now waiting for my video to compress so that I can upload it to vimeo and present it on this blog. The editing process has been enlightening and there are many things that I have discovered within my footage that i did not think were present before, certain phrases that crop up that reflect the personality of my subjects (such as Reaka referring to the broken egg as a ‘cracky’ twice within the footage). I also realised that much of my interview footage reflects how nervous i was when I conducted them at the time. My constant need to respond to my informants with a quick ‘yep’ or ‘excellent’ has reinforced my presence in the film, which is not something that i planned to do. This may reflect my desire to ‘will’ my interview subjects to continue speaking and relaying information. This is something that may not be necessary, but will serve as a reminder of my ever present self-concious state when communicating with people on camera.



Have just started to piece together my footage. i am happy that most of the conversations that i filmed could be heard over the noise of the market, and of course some of that background ‘noise’ serves to reveal the sense of place. I feel that most of my footage has captured the colourful visual landscape of the market very well. My only concern so far is the way I can effectively apply audio transitions to reduce the level of ‘clipping’ from previous scenes. This is due to the fact that some of the scenes, including the interview with Chris were shot outside of the building. these shots are incut with the footage from chris’s transaction. All in all i am finding Final Cut an easy and fun programme to use.

Thought i’d lost all of my footage from yesterday when trying to transfer my material to Final Cut. I realised I didn’t transfer the files from the SD card correctly onto the hard drive. I relocated the card and restored the files to it and copied the whole file structure (as told at the beginning of the FCE tutorial) and it all transferred ok. Mad. Editing will commence soon.

After two and a half hours filiming in the goods shed today, I feel that the expereince was rewarding, and I felt myself growing more and more confident about approaching people and asking for their involvement. The vendors were happy to let me film them at work and I managed to obtain some fantastic observational shots, including conversations between customers and vendors. I also managed to collect some photos to help document the experience. Tomorrow I will begin the editing process, but I expect that another afternoon on filming will be needed

First Day

So today I will be going to the Goods Shed armed with a camera for the first time. I am both nervous and excited. I aim to observe the activity within the building itself, speak to customers and hopefully get to follow them a little while they shop. Today will also be a great opportunity to capture some snapshots of the building itself, so that I can give my blog page some context (I’m in desperate need of a banner that represents the location of the film)
Much of what I capture today will hopefully be the result of attentiveness to people’s actions, interactions, movements,speech, relationships and the way they tie together with the experience of shopping at the market place itself.

Off I go.

A Marketplace Ethnography


In light of the farmer’s market as an ‘endangered institution’ as the price to pay due to technological progress, this interpretive study of the Medville farmers market proved enlightening. The article presents a holistic study of the farmer’s market as a community forum. Though the authors show great interest in creating a generalised ‘typology’ of market vendors, some of the ethnographic accounts of vendor interactions with customers and one another, were useful when considering my observational approach to the film making process.

Marketplace Ethnography – McGrath et al